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China is increasing its innovation ability

Updated: May 11,2015 11:35 AM

Without technology innovation, China cannot become a true superpower. How does China rank regarding innovation capability? According to a survey of KPMG published on Financial Times on June 27, 2012, among 650+ senior managers of computer and electronic companies, 30% believed China would become the hottest country in innovation in the next four years, which is a sharp contrast to the popular sense that ‘China is far worse than developed countries.’ China ranked top of the poll, followed by USA’s 29%, India’s 13%, Japan’s 8%, and then Korea’s 5%.

A mere subjective poll as it is, the survey somehow reflects China is transforming from ‘manufacturing’ into ‘innovating’ gradually.’ The innovation ability of China is taking stable steps of increasing. Chinese government and citizens have both attached great importance in building-up innovation awareness and capabilities in recent years. According to the National Innovation Index Report 2013 set forth by the Chinese Ministry of Science in April 2014, China is progressing with its innovation capabilities. The Report states that China has jumped to the 19th position in the world innovation rankings among 40 major countries, which is one position higher than last year.

The long list of milestones marking the innovation development of China includes: neutrino oscillation, topological insulator, anomalous quantum Hall effect, quantum communication, 40K+ iron-based superconductor, productive rice gene IPA1, KD-90 super computer, and Tianhe No. 2, the fastest supercomputer in the world.

Technology innovation also appears in the traditional ‘primary industry.’ Many high-tech Chinese products will be presented in Asian largest flower and gardening Fair, ‘the 17th Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai,’ held in 22-24 April, 2015 in Shanghai. For example, a module of solar-power film generator developed by Hanergy Global Solar Power Solutions Group, the irrigation system and devices with the most advanced technology showed by Fujin Irrigation, recyclable flowerpots made by Hengrui Plastic Products Co., Ltd, cloth flowerpots that are water resistant and break resistant developed by Fenglinwan Company, a brand new supply mode of fresh veggies from farm to home created by Shanghai Yangke Inc, etc. These are all innovations developed in China and made in China.

-- PRNewswire, published on March 30, 2015