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China plays increasing role in global innovation: WIPO

Updated: Mar 17,2016 4:57 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — China has continued to perform strongly in international patent and trademark filing against the backdrop of a moderate worldwide intellectual property (IP) filing growth, according to the latest figures released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The WIPO issued a report analyzing the amount and sources of global IP applications in 2015, including patents, trademarks and industrial designs, in Geneva on March 16.

“Global IP applications provide a good indication of the incidence and location of innovation, and help companies seeking IP protection in different markets,” said Chen Hongbing, director of WIPO Office in China.

Data shows international patent applications filed under WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) were up by 1.7 percent to 218,000 in 2015, the slowest growth in past five years, with the United States extending its long-standing position as the top source.

China’s PCT applications exceeded 29,800 in 2015 with an increase of 16.8 percent, ranking the third in globe for three years in a row following the United States and Japan.

The three top companies that filed the highest number of PCT applications in 2015 were China’s Huawei Technologies, followed by US-based Qualcomm and China’s ZTE Corp. Huawei has topped other enterprises around the globe since 2013.

“China has played an increasing role in global innovation with its improved innovation ability and awareness of IP,” said Chen.

The report revealed that, with over 2,400 applications last year, China made the best performance in the filing of international trademark applications under the Madrid System since it became a member of the system in 1989. The country is in seventh place among all filers.

“We see through the indicator that Chinese enterprises are picking up their pace in doing business overseas. They are building international brands as an effort to improve competitive standing in the global market,” said Chen.

Chen attributed the achievements that China has made to the country’s pursuit of an innovation-driven economy. “Reform of scientific and technological system, increasing investment in research and development and strengthened IP protection have driven progress.”

The WIPO expects China’s technologies, products and services to benefit the world through the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and international production capacity cooperation, and is willing to use their innovation resources to better serve China’s economic growth, Chen said.