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Top leaders call for innovation as country marks first Space Day

Updated: Apr 24,2016 9:14 PM

China’s top leaders called on space scientists and engineers to put more efforts into innovation to promote aerospace development as the country marked its first Space Day on April 24.

In a message on the occasion, President Xi Jinping asked space scientists and engineers to “seize the strategic opportunity and keep innovating to make a greater contribution to the country’s overall growth and the welfare of mankind.”

He praised all those who have contributed to China’s aerospace development during the past six decades.

“Becoming an aerospace power has always been a dream we’ve been striving for,” Xi said.

China has designated April 24 as the Space Day as this was the date when the country launched its first satellite in 1970.

“By marking Space Day, we are commemorating history, passing on the spirit, and galvanizing popular enthusiasm for science, exploration of the unknown and innovation, particularly among young people,” Xi said.

Premier Li Keqiang also praised all those who have contributed to China’s aerospace development in a message on April 24.

He said that China’s aerospace industry has improved greatly, and asked all the scientists and engineers in the aerospace field to focus on innovation-driven development, carry out large aerospace projects and push the development in space technology, space application and space science.

The Premier also urged them to cultivate more innovative talent, boost mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and cultivate new growth engines to contribute to China’s economic and social development.