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Big enterprises prosper with mass entrepreneurship, innovation

Updated: Apr 25,2016 2:54 PM

Mass entrepreneurship and innovation are the strong driving forces pushing the manufacturing industry to improve quality and efficiency and help it to transform and upgrade itself.

Some say that small and micro-sized enterprises have advantages in mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Actually, big enterprises also have advantages, in capital, technology and talent. Being the major force in industrial structure adjustment, big enterprises should actively promote entrepreneurship and innovation to form a new stage that big, medium and small enterprises coordinate to develop.

In the manufacturing industry, the assets of big enterprises account for 44.7 percent of the total and export accounts for 57 percent of the total. Big enterprises are also more competitive in research and development.

Some big enterprises set up some platforms for entrepreneurship and innovation, while some fully utilize third-party platforms. The open innovation platform created by Haier Group gathered over 100,000 innovation resources, providing real-time interaction with foreign experts and users. This greatly improved the efficiency of product research and development.

Some big enterprises focus on the prospect of new technologies and industries, and learn from foreign experiences to create new industries and modes. Some promoted the industrial chain to co-develop with innovation and ecological development.

Mass entrepreneurship and innovation also have an effect on using idle resources. After the relocation of Shougang Group, the company’s original space was renovated into an innovation community. Currently more than 630 enterprises have emerged from there, with over 10,000 people employed and the amount of taxes paid reaching over 78 million yuan.

Generally, Chinese big enterprises are still in the early stages of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. We should solve problems such as lack of knowledge and talent and improve policy system and the market environment.