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State Council launches inspection of subordinate departments

Updated: Aug 29,2016 1:42 PM

The State Council has launched the third comprehensive inspection of its departments and local governments, Xinhua News Agency reported.

The inspection is aimed at urging authorities to implement major policies and projects, maintaining economic growth and achieving the goal of social-economic development this year.

The inspection contains 23 items under four aspects, including maintaining steady economic development, promoting supply-side reform, enhancing innovation-driven development and protecting and improving people’s livelihood.

Departments and provincial governments are being asked to do self-evaluations first. Then, on Sept 16, 20 inspection groups will be sent by the State Council to these authorities.

A reward and punishment mechanism has been set up for the inspection. Official commendations and more resources — including fund, projects and land — will be given to those authorities that do well. Those who fail to pass the inspection will be punished.

The inspection is targeting “lazy officials” who cannot implement reforms and policies effectively, Xinhua said.

Since this administration assumed office, the State Council has conducted two comprehensive inspections. In the second inspection finished in 2015, 40 municipal and county governments received commendations, according to the official report issued by the State Council.

The authorities that were rewarded last time will not face inspections again this year, according to Xinhua.