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Inspection tour to address wage issue of migrants

Updated: Feb 14,2017 11:19 AM

Premier Li Keqiang asks local citizens if any migrant workers did not get their pay, while inspecting Ludian county, Southwest China’s Yunnan province, on Jan 23. The Premier says every case of withheld pay should be resolved and that such problems should be handled with permanent results and strong determination. It is the government’s responsibility to make it right, he says.

The State Council has carried out inspection tours to supervise local governments’ work in addressing the issue of wages owed to migrant workers.

Addressing the wage issue was one of the major steps in increasing migrant workers’ income and promoting social justice, Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council’s executive meeting on Feb 3. Severe punishment should be handed out for the illegal acts, he added.

The inspections will follow salary payments in the construction sector, especially in government-invested projects, ensuring on-time wage payouts by month and promoting payroll systems and payroll agency services.

Another task for the inspection is to investigate and punish illegal acts of withholding wages, ensuring an improvement in reporting channels via office site, website and reporting hot lines, and disclosure of the offenses through media reports and worksite notices.

The inspection teams will keep a watchful eye on local governments’ moves to make emergency plans to address mass events caused by withheld pay.

The inspection will focus on local efforts to establish long-term mechanisms in addressing the issue of unpaid wages, including setting up a blacklist system, regular disclosure of public information and establishing a joint punishment mechanism for enterprises.

Also, local governments’ work in increasing their responsibilities and supervision will be under inspection.