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Innovation driving China’s high-speed railways

Updated: Feb 21,2017 1:56 PM

China Railway Corp (CRC) is making continuous innovations in key high-speed railway technologies in building the nation’s own technical system, as shown in the third inspection by the State Council.

Currently, China is among the top runners of high-speed technologies, with a leading edge in some fields.

According to an official from CRC, the company has played a leading role in China’s innovation of high-speed railways, making the nation the only one to construct high-speed railways in regions with complicated climates and geological conditions.

Today, China has more than 9,600 kilometers of high-speed railways, with speeds over 300 km/h, much longer than the total length of all other nations. It is also the only country that operates bullet trains with a speed of 350 km/h.

In addition, the nation has built a close-looped high-speed railway security system, the safest in the world, according to statistics from the International Union of Railways.

Independent development is the key for China to shake off reliance on foreign technologies, and paves the way for its going-out strategy.

According to the official from CRC, the performance and key systematic technologies of Chinese bullet trains have reached a world-leading level, equivalent to Siemens, Bombardier, and other well-known enterprises.

He said China’s high-speed technologies are compatible with standards of different nations, and work well with other leading technologies.

By the end of last year, China’s railways had reached 120,000 kilometers, with over 20,000 kilometers of high-speed railways. More than 4,200 bullet trains are running across the nation each day.

Currently, China has mastered technologies in project construction, bullet train units, train control, power supply, operation management, and risk prevention, offering reliable support to high-speed railways, said the official.