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From overseas media: What to watch during China’s ‘Two Sessions’

Updated: Mar 3,2017 10:39 AM

Belt and Road Initiative

The meetings this year are expected to announce a framework to support exports related to infrastructure projects for the One Belt, One Road initiative rolled out by President Xi Jinping.

--South China Morning Post

Poverty relief

With the deadline of 2020 for achieving a “moderately prosperous” society looming, poverty alleviation is also of great importance, and President Xi Jinping last month emphasized the need to ensure that the rural poor shook off poverty as planned. He called for greater policy support for poverty relief, including fiscal, land, financial, education and health policies.

--Strait Times

People’s livelihood

Economic targets and reforms in a slowing economy will be a focus of China’s annual parliamentary and consultative sessions, but for the Chinese people, bread-and-butter issues such as property prices will be of greater concern.

--Strait Times

13th Five-Year Plan

The other keyword to be followed during the two sessions, according to the report, would be the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan, set in motion last year with a series of reforms to address the slowdown of the world’s second-largest economy.

--Press Trust of India

Economic growth

Premier Li Keqiang will disclose this year’s GDP growth forecast when he delivers his government work report during the Two Sessions. State officials will debate economic policies including the Chinese currency and the real estate market, and will take questions from the media. Provincial leaders may also reveal how their provinces are doing on the economic front.

--South China Morning Post

Supply-side structural reform

Once the principle of not sticking to blind growth is fixed, China will obviously examine supply-side structural reform. It will likely to announce intense restructuring measures in sectors like steel and coal. China could also declare its willingness to reform the state-owned enterprises once again.

--The Huffington Post