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China, US have more common interests than differences: Turkish analyst

Updated: Mar 16,2017 2:28 PM     Xinhua

ISTANBUL — Despite divergencies and tension standing in the way of China-US relations, common interests between the two powers “far outweigh” their differences, a Turkish analyst said on March 15.

“Both countries are economically interdependent. China is the biggest trade partner of the US,” remarked Ozlem Zerrin Keyvan, an advisor on Asia Pacific studies with the Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies.

“Common interests between China and the US far outweigh their differences and conflict areas,” he told Xinhua. “It would become impossible for them ever to fight each other.”

He referred to some move taken by US President Donald Trump after he took office in January that was seen to antagonize China, as well as to the two countries’ differences on trade, cyber security, the South China Sea and human rights.

“Needless to say, the year 2017 will be a testing time for China and US relations,” he added.

In the view of Mehmet Seyfettin Erol, head of the Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies, China has no intention to be involved in a crisis with US, especially when it has been pursuing necessary reforms at home.

“China needs to secure a peaceful and stable environment, develop relations with neighbouring countries and shape the strategic environment in the Asia Pacific region,” observed Keyvan.

“The rise of China has created a responsible actor in regional and even world affairs,” he added.

The China-US relationship is crucial not just to the two countries themselves, but also to regional and global peace, security and stability, Premier Li Keqiang said earlier in the day at a press conference held after the conclusion of the annual session of China’s national legislature.

Noting that China-US ties have been going forward despite various twists and turns, Premier Li said he feels optimistic about future China-US relations, because “after several decades of growth of bilateral relations, the two countries now share a wide range of common interests.”