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Beijing eases visas in bid for foreign talent in service industry

Updated: May 3,2017 3:53 PM     Xinhua

Two centers for foreigner exit and entry services opened on May 2 in Beijing to assist foreign talent in service industries.

The centers in Chaoyang and Shunyi districts will accept applications for permanent stays, long-term visas and port visas for foreign elites in the service sector, foreign members of startups, Chinese with foreign nationality and young foreign students.

Shen Jinsheng, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, said the commission would issue recommendation letters for those working in the two districts who passed in a grading before applying for permanent stay.

The new service centers will shorten the application period for a permanent stay from 180 to 90 working days.

Many foreigners live in Chaoyang where most embassies and many international agencies and chambers of commerce are located. Shunyi, home to Beijing Capital International Airport, has over 100 international companies and a foreign population of around 8,000.

Li Kai On, a Chinese with British nationality, said he had applied for a permanent stay as he, a teacher at an international school, had seen opportunities in Beijing’s education sector.

“I hope with the new measures, I can become a real Chinese in a short time.”