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State Council’s inspection witnesses positive results of administrative reform

Updated: Jul 27,2017 3:05 PM

Administrative reform has borne fruit in many regions with streamlined procedures to better serve people, the State Council noticed during its fourth nationwide inspection, which started at the end of May.

In Jiangsu province, a service network has been set up by big data. Almost all administrative approvals concerning business registration and operation can be dealt with through the internet.

“I sent materials online beforehand,” said Ye Cheng, an employee running errands for Nanjing Chemical Research and Design Institute. “Nowadays all the procedures can be conducted at a single service window, I estimate our application can be approved within a day,” he told a member of the inspection team.

The Jiangsu inspection team also found at the government affairs service center of Qixia district in Nanjing that it only takes 20 minutes from application to sending out a business license.

In Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, applicants can choose using a computer or mobile app. All procedures involved in business registration, from application to issuing and filing licenses, can be completed online.

In Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, 18 administrative fees, including entry and exit fees and charges for preschool education, can be paid through mobile app, e-bank, or Alipay. Moreover, 20 redundant identifications such as proof of domestic relations are now exempted.

“Before I thought only with ‘relationships’ in governments can business affairs be approved without obstacles, so I wasn’t willing to contact the food and drug administration,” said Wang Jiafeng, a grocery owner in Suqian of Jiangsu province, at a symposium with the inspection team.

“But recently I got a certificate approved just in one day. That changed my view toward the authorities,” he added.

Before, administrative affairs were settled according to the convenience of governments, but now the reform transfers that convenience to the public. “Good service is good governance. The inspection is to see what else the local governments should improve,” said He Jianzhong, head of the inspection team to Jiangsu.