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President’s new vision paves way for promoting world peace

Updated: Jul 29,2017 1:02 PM     Xinhua

RAMALLAH — The new vision of President Xi Jinping is paving the way for a greater Chinese role and stronger peace and development in the world, said Palestinian analysts.

Palestinian analysts, observers and politicians said when commenting on an important speech delivered by Xi at a high-level workshop attended by provincial and ministerial officials in Beijing earlier this week in preparation for the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

In the speech, Xi, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, raised a series of new thoughts, opinions, judgments and measures that can guide the development of the CPC and China.

In interviews with Xinhua, the Palestinian analysts, observers and politicians described President Xi as “a wise man with high charismatic political abilities.”

Mohamed Eshtayeh, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and a member in Abbas Fatah Party’s Central Committee, told Xinhua that “Palestinians appreciate what President Xi and China do, not only for Middle East issue, but also for the development of the Middle East, Africa and Asia.”

“China is the power that we look for in order to achieve greater stability and peace in the whole world,” Eshtayeh said, adding that “this is what we hope to strengthen and develop in the light of President Xi’s speech and his permanent calls to promote peace ...”

Eshtayeh welcomed every role and political contribution of China and its president to suit its status as a major country in establishing peace and stability in the region and world.

Meanwhile, Abbas Zaki, a Fatah member, praised the positions of President Xi, noting that he “lives for the principles he dedicated.”

Zaki told Xinhua that when President Xi visited in the region and addressed a speech in Cairo, he wanted to develop investment and link stability in the whole region by restoring the rights of the Palestinian people and their right to establish their independent state.

Zaki said President Xi’s vision over international relations, development and fighting terror “will have a promising role as an interest for all mankind, not only for China. President Xi also believes in partnership and co-existence, so his ideas and aspirations will have a great vogue.”

Hani al-Masri, a Palestinian political analyst from the West Bank, told Xinhua that “Having a strong role, regional and international influence, of China, its president and the Chinese Communist Party, certainly serve the Palestinian interest in resolving the Middle East crises, especially the Palestinian issue.”

“Some believe that China is very geographically far from our Arab region and may not have any prominent political interests, but that is not true,” said al-Masri, clarifying that “President Xi’s positions and his reiteration to resolve the Palestinian cause and end the Middle East conflict show the real truth.”

He unveiled that Chinese interests in the Middle East “are larger and more important than other great countries’ interests in the region, because the nature of the Chinese interests are different from others’ interests, because Chinese interests meet the needs of the people and the countries in the region.”

Abdul-Majid Sweilem, also a Palestinian political analyst from the West Bank, told Xinhua “China and its president Xi are now a major international player and active in all issues of the world and regional issues in particular.”

“The Chinese role should become politically parallel to its economic weight,” Suilem said, adding that President Xi “is carrying out several initiatives that enhance the political status and effectiveness of China has already made more progress than the previous situation.”