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Govt policy moves impress overseas journalist

Updated: Mar 5,2019 3:37 PM

Amadou Diop, journalist at Le Soleil, Senegal

I really appreciated the govt work report delivered by the Premier because it takes into account the major issues of their policies for the year 2019. It’s a faithful report that deals with the performances, the lacks and the perspectives, the orientations to achieve sustainable growth, an effective economy for the benefit of the people of China, in terms of jobs, good living conditions, good education... It’s really, to me, a complete report.

What impressed me the most is the decision of the government to take some courageous initiatives for the benefit of people and the reduction of taxes, the promotion of foreign investments and the efforts made by the government in leading public services to gain time and prevent corruption. It’s ambitious to create more jobs, to make more investment and to protect the environment.