Implementation rules for China's supervision law take effect
Updated: September 21, 2021 07:15 Xinhua

BEIJING — The implementation of the regulation for China's supervision law was published by the National Supervisory Commission (NSC) and took effect on Sept 20.

The regulation clarifies the duties of supervisory commissions, their jurisdiction, supervisory power and working procedure, and introduces rules concerning international cooperation and supervision on supervisors, the NSC said in a press release.

Through the regulation, the NSC aims to introduce strict regulation on supervisors and promote the law-based exercise of supervisory duties, the statement said.

The regulation further clarifies the six types of State functionaries subject to the supervision law, listing them with a detailed description.

It lists 101 duty-related crimes which supervisory commissions have the jurisdiction to investigate and 15 legal means supervisory commissions can use, with clear codes on how to use them. Rules on collection and examination of evidence are also introduced.

The supervisors' working procedures are divided into seven steps from processing clues of a case to handing the case over to prosecuting agencies, each following strict regulation of the law, according to the NSC.

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