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Zhangjiakou ski resorts open for children, families

Updated: Jan 19,2015 11:27 AM

Jan 18 marks World Snow Day, which is an annual snow festival for children and families to enjoy, explore, and experience winter sports. With 645 events taking place in 45 countries, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Many resorts are offering free or discounted mountain passes, tuition and fun activities in the snow.

Get your skis on, it’s World Snow day!

Riding in bumper cars, snow trains and snow sledges, or joining a snowball fight ... everything you did in your childhood can be found here.

Four large ski resorts are open to all levels in Zhangjiakou city, some 200 kilometers northwest of Beijing. One of them in Kang-Bao county has attracted hundred of visitors. Dozens took part in a tug-of-war on ice.

“Ready? Go!” said a referee.

“I tied myself with the rope and leaned down and back ... finally we won!” said a tug of war player.

With 33 enchanting ice sculptures, Kang-Bao county’s resort has transformed itself into a winter wonderland ...

The resort now features sculptures, towers and entire buildings made from blocks of ice. They’re lit from the inside with colored lights. The effect at night is spectacular.

The head of the county says snow levels in the mountains of Zhangjiakou will be sufficient for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games if China wins the right to host the event.

“We have rich ice and snow resources here, and it would be great to host the winter games. Even though, Kangbao county is a little bit far from Beijing, people in the county are as enthusiastic as those in Beijing in supporting the successful bid,” said Wei Hongxia, head of Kangbao county, Zhangjiakou city.

“I will be proud of our country if it succeeds in bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics,” said a local student.

“People here will be excited to watch the winter games and have such kind of experiences, as the event is not far from their homes,” said another student.

The county head says more than ninety percent of the locals support Beijing’s bid.

If Beijing succeeds, it will become the first city to host the Summer and Winter Olympics — both within 14 years.