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Boosting creativity a key to China’s success

Updated: Mar 5,2015 3:44 PM

China’s creative industry is gaining increasing importance, as the country’s economy transforms to a new model. The CPPCC national committee has some high-tech entrepreneurs in its ranks and they’ve been speaking about what they want to see happen, in order to boost creative industries here in China.

“My proposal this year is to launch a ‘Brain Project of China’, which is actually an artificial intelligence platform to promote China’s creative capacity. The platform will be used as a public facility through which everybody can create something. I think this can boost China’s creative capacity,” said Robin Li, CPPCC National Committee member.

“We see that the international market thinks highly of the creative industry in China. Firms of this kind usually have high estimated values. China should not only help to build literal highways, China should help build the information highway. We will use our technology and products to push forward the development of China’s creative industry and promote the global strategy of Chinese enterprise,” said Yang Yuanqing, CPPCC National Committee member.