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Hebei city invests in seaside library

Updated: Apr 23,2015 10:55 AM

The port city of Qinhuangdao, in Hebei province, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in northern China. With wonderful sea views, beaches and delicious seafood, the resort especially attracts tourists during the summer. And the city is hoping to enhance its cultural identity by investing in a seaside library.

The library, built on a Hebei beach, aims to offer a telling experience. The clean and compact building is idyllic for holiday makers. The interior decor is wooden, to match the feel of nature and large glass doors converge the readers with the crooning sea, which combined with the humid air, adds to the unique ambiance.

With an area of 500 square meters, the library has more than 10 million books, covering all genres, and it is free of charge. The city of Qinhuangdao welcomes more than 30 million holiday-makers every year, so this facility will provide even more value for this seaside experience.

The library also holds clinics where readers can meet influential writers to discuss their work.

Residents and travelers are welcome to donate books to the library, which will then be given to disadvantaged children.