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Rescuers clear roads and distribute relief goods near Nepal border

Updated: Apr 28,2015 10:47 AM

Rescue workers in Tibet have been clearing sections of the highway connecting Nyalam county and Zham on the border with Nepal, after more landslides took place on April 27.

This is the road linking Nyalam to Zham, an important route from China to Nepal.

Landslides, triggered by the earthquake and aftershocks have caused serious damage at 13 sites, cutting off this lifeline to the border town.

Electricity and communications were also disrupted - making Zham and 6,000 people there completely isolated from any rescue efforts.

Food and water reserves could last for two to three days. And there’s a dire need for medical supplies. 30 emergency vehicles are clearing rocks from the road.

One military rescue team is making its way on foot to Zham, hopefully arriving at night, with the most needed medicines. Relief operations in other quake-affected areas are also underway.

71 tourists stranded earlier in Nyalam have now returned to Xigaze city after the road was cleared.

A huge amount of emergency materials, including tents, beds, clothes, food, and bottled water has arrived. Thousand of relief workers are distributing the supplies and putting up tents for school children and residents.

Three groups of health workers have reached Gyirong and Nyalam, where they’re carrying out disinfection operations and epidemic prevention.

Nine military helicopters are also now in the region to help with relief work, with nine more on their way.