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Shanghai Book Fair winds up

Updated: Aug 27,2015 11:28 AM

The Shanghai Book Fair has come a long way since its beginnings 12 years ago. It has developed into a major international event embracing the latest trends in reader habits and e-books. Yet it has never lost sight of the value of personal contact between authors and readers.

The Shanghai Book Fair has become a landmark event in the world of publishing. More than 500 publishers participated this year - almost three times the number for the inaugural event back in 2004. 150,000 books were on offer; and about 700 seminars, forums, and meetings were conducted.

Meanwhile, Chinese publishers are making the mark, with the People’s Literature Publishing House, Sanlian Bookstore, and The Commercial Press among the most influential names.

“Each district government has the ability to hold book fairs individually, but a main problem is the lack of good seminar lecturers and writers. Yet the Shanghai Book Fair can always gather excellent writers and publishers from all over the country. So next year, we’ll be more advanced in preparation,” said Xu Jiong, director general of Shanghai Press & Publication.

As the book fair drew to a close, Outstanding Book Awards were conferred on: “Getting to Know Xi Jinping - Selected Quotes from the President of China”; “The War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression”; and “The Architectural Design of the Palace Museum”.

The event also closed with launch of the ‘Moveable Book Shelf’, containing fifteen-hundred books for purchase or loan. It’s a bid to keep people reading all-year-round.