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China economy to stabilize with quality prioritized

Updated: Sep 15,2015 9:57 AM

China’s economy has entered a stage of moderate growth. Experts say economic development will gain strength, as measures to stabilize the economy gradually come into effect.

“China is promoting the economic structural reforms and transformation. A new driving force to spur economic growth is emerging, and the quality of our economy is being enhanced. It could be well expected that the Chinese economy is heading for the better,” said Wu Zhenyu, researcher, State Council Development Research Center.

“As China’s top economic planner, we are working on more measures to spur reform in the financial sector and the fiscal sector. We will also put more effort into pushing reforms in the state-owned enterprises,” said Cong Liang, Deputy Director, Department of National Economy, NDRC.

“The center of the measures will be focused on stimulating the vitality of the small and medium-sized enterprises and encouraging entrepreneurship. In so doing, we hope to pave a road for long-term economic growth.”