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China adheres to peaceful solution of disputes

Updated: Oct 18,2015 10:04 AM     

The XiangShan Forum has opened in Beijing on Oct 17. China says it will stick to peaceful solutions of disputes, and will never resort to the easy solution by using force. It will try hard to avoid misfires in protecting its sovereignty. And the armed forces will take on greater international responsibilities in global security.

The assurances came from General Fan Changlong, Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission. He was addressing the 6th XiangShan Forum in Beijing. The two-day meeting focuses on security in the Asia-Pacific region. The event is organized by the China Society of Military Sciences and the China Institute for International Strategic Studies.

It’s all about Asia’s security. Top military officials and researchers in the region are debating on its future. Host China provides its views.

Fan Changlong, Vice Chairman of China Central Military Commission said: “Asian countries should join hands to handle challenges in security and other fields, and always keep common interests and responsibilities in mind.”

General Fan Changlong elaborates China’s security outlook. Putting aside differences and seeking common development. His remarks are in line with Chinese leaders’ call to build closer ties and a community of common destiny with other nations.

Security in Asia is lacking consensus with no simple answer. Long-existing thorny disputes remain unsolved. China re-affirmed its commitment to finding peaceful solutions.

“The international community has attached great attention to China’s construction on some islands in the South China Sea, feeling the pace of construction is a bit fast. But reclamation has never affected freedom of navigation. China is constructing on its own territories and will provide better services with upgraded facilities. Even when it comes to the issue of territorial sovereignty, we promote dialogue, and will never give an easy solution by using force, and try hard to avoid misfires,” said Fan.

China’s military is undergoing transformation, with the focus on quality. The PLA has undertaken UN missions in the Gulf of Aden, and will expand its anti-piracy operations in other regions. It has sent ground troops to conflict zones in Africa.

And the country has promised to take the lead in setting up a permanent peacekeeping police squad with a standby force of 8,000 troops. These new responsibilities have received positive feedback.

The XiangShan Forum is developing into one of the key security meetings in Asia. The growing number of participants from across the world, is a reflection of China’s rising influence on security issues. It also reflects the growing confidence of the PLA, in showing the world its intentions and strength.