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Exhibition marks Long March victory

Updated: Sep 24,2016 10:10 AM

The National Museum of China is putting on an exhibition to mark the 80th anniversary of the Long March. More than 300 items on display will breathe life back into the memories of a revolutionary 1930s China.

Sixty “class-A” cultural relics are among them, including the 8-cornered cap worn by Chairman Mao Zedong when he was interviewed by American journalist Edgar Snow in July 1936. A museum researcher explains how — during the photo shoot — Snow offered his own cap to Mao when he noticed Mao wasn’t wearing one himself. Other items include sculptures and paintings inspired by the Long March.

The Long March was a forced retreat of the Communist Party of China and its Red Army from 1934 to 1936, when the CPC was at war with the Kuomintang. 200-thousand troops joined the trek, but fewer than 60-thousand survived. The exhibition runs free of charge at the National Museum in Beijing until the end of October.