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Chinese New Year reunion dinner

Updated: Jan 24,2017 5:12 PM

Chinese people from all corners of the world celebrate the Chinese New Year. Also known as Spring Festival, the holiday relies on the lunar calendar, and its significance is as important as Christmas holidays are to the Western world.

There is an old Chinese adage, “Food is the most important thing to people.” And so every Chinese festival is associated with a particular delicacy. For instance, the Dragon Boat Festival is associated with zongzi, while the Mid-Autumn Festival is particularly known for mooncakes. But the New Year’s Eve dinner is extra special — there’s an eclectic mix of food, including traditional delicacies such as dumplings, chicken, fish and pork, among others. And the menu for the evening pretty much depends on individuals and families.

And the Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner is a time when family members reunite for a festive meal — so it’s also a family reunion dinner.

So, how often do you visit your parents? Family reunions are important for those who work or study away from their hometowns. At the reunion dinner, families gather for the culinary delights and conversations to usher in the new year amid their loved ones.

CGTN team took to the streets of Beijing and asked people from different parts of China about their Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner, as well as their favorite meal.