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Artificial intelligence town opened in eastern China

Updated: Jul 12,2017 2:01 PM     CGTN

The artificial intelligence industry is booming in China.

A global artificial intelligence town has been opened in Hangzhou, the capital of eastern China’s Zhejiang province, where many of the latest AI technologies are on display.

The town attracted more than 15 artificial intelligence platforms and 90 innovation projects.

The town is committed to gathering and cultivating more Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality talent, to drive the concept of innovation for China.

“I think the town has a perfect atmosphere for innovative research and, at the same time, it’s financially active as well,” said Hao Aimin, deputy director of Artificial Intelligence Study Project.

“We believe that it’s a good place to attract talent and incubate businesses, and we also hope that our technology will enable the whole industry to make all-round progress.”