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President Xi Jinping issues new political theory

Updated: Feb 26,2015 9:20 AM

BEIJING — President Xi Jinping has just issued his new political theory, the Four Comprehensives, in an effort to build stronger leadership and better govern the country.

“Four Comprehensives” is a term that means to “build a moderately prosperous society, deepen reform, govern the nation according to law, and strictly govern the Party on a deeply comprehensive level.” For the first time, “building a moderately prosperous society on a comprehensive level” is identified as a key step for the realization of the Chinese dream of rejuvenating of the Chinese nation.

Also, for the first time, “comprehensively governing the nation according to law” goes hand-in-hand with “comprehensively deepening reform”. Stronger oversight for the Party has also been emphasized, which includes a systematic approach that strengthens the proactiveness, creativity and effectiveness of Party governance.”

(updated on Feb 26, 2015)