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Plant oil industry set to flower by 2020

Updated: Jan 14,2015 7:05 PM

A landmark development plan to boost oil extraction from plants and trees, for use in the food sector, was outlined by the State Council on Jan 13.

The plan established clear targets and tasks to be met by 2020 and envisions a huge increase in the acreage devoted to the plants.

About 800 counties, out of the more than 2,800 in China, which are suitable for growing camellia, walnuts and peony, will be involved by 2020 to provide the oil. Total acreage for the project will reach 4.9 million acres in 2020, from the current 2.97 million acres and 1.5 million tons of the oil will be produced every year. A number of production bases will also be built.

Encouraging private capital to engage in the sector, the government will offer favorable policies in land use, credit and financing to a batch of leading companies to build production bases and to work in tandem with local farmers, the plan said.

The public will be informed on the sale of the products and market information and the government will also support research to give farmers higher yields.

Production, storage, distribution and sales will be strictly supervised and education campaigns will be carried out to promote knowledge of the oils and their benefits to health.

Coordinating with other departments, the State Forestry Administration will be mainly responsible for the implementation of the plan.