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China promotes customs clearance reform

Updated: Feb 3,2015 4:20 PM

The State Council released a circular on Feb 3 which aims to promote the implementation of China’s customs clearance reform plan.

The plan calls for customs clearance coordination between inland, coastal and border areas.

It also requires customs authorities around the country to exchange information, accept mutual supervision and help each other in law enforcement — so as to streamline customs clearance procedures and increase efficiency and security measures related to customs.

Additionally, the plan aims to develop a customs administration system by 2020 which answers China’s special needs and sustains international competitive advantage.

It stresses cooperation among customs authorities around the country to prevent terrorism, tax rebate fraud, quarantine inspection avoidance, illegal immigration and imports of unsafe and fake goods — and also aims to promote cooperation in emergencies and cracking down on smuggling.

China will establish a customs management mechanism which will help promote an international logistics corridor and increase institutional cooperation with customs of the countries along the “One Belt and One Road,” said the plan

The plan also requires that customs management branches should delegate power, streamline customs clearance procedures and remove all unnecessary law enforcement operations.

China will also speed up the integration of customs clearance and quarantine inspection between inland, coastal and border areas, abolishing a rule that goods with a customs clearance permit can only be cleared by specific customs authorities, said the plan.

And the plan also aims to promote paperless — and self-service — customs clearance.