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Guidelines to improve lives of the disabled

Updated: Feb 5,2015 4:19 PM

The State Council released guidelines on Feb 5 to improve the well-being of disabled people:

* Governments at all levels should safeguard and improve the living condition of disabled people and ensure that they share the fruits of reform and development.

* While progress has been made in recent years, the adoption and implementation of accelerated disability-inclusive national development strategies need urgent action, as 12.3 million rural disabled residents still live in poverty and 2.6 million urban residents face great difficulty.

* As an integral part of building a moderately prosperous society, the government should strive to narrow the huge gap in per capita household income between urban and rural disabled people, and that gap with the national average.

* By 2020, the social security system for the disabled should be completed and the national social security system be further improved.

* Promoting the living condition of disabled people needs increased national effort and support.

* The government should establish a subsidy system, expand the pension scheme and medical insurance to disabled people.

* To enable persons with disabilities attain and maintain maximum independence, capacity development efforts should be aimed at ensuring access to employment. This can be done by promoting access to inclusive education, skill development and vocational and entrepreneurial training.

* Authorities should spare no effort to increase employment and income of the disabled. State-owned enterprises should set job quotas and the government will step forward to promote employment of rural disabled people and enhance supervision to protect the rights of disabled.

* Public medical services should try and reduce the probability of getting disabled due to genetic or environmental reasons. Data concerning persons with disabilities will be collected and shared.

* Social organizations and market mechanisms play a greater role in improving disabled people’s life. Charity should be the responsibility of the whole society and volunteers’ participation will help disabled people enjoy a better life. The government should increase spending on disabled rehabilitation, care and nursing.