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China overhauls intermediary services for administrative approval

Updated: Apr 29,2015 1:47 PM

China will clear up intermediary services for administrative approval, with the aim of consolidating administrative reform and fighting corruption.

A guideline issued by the General Office of the State Council on April 29 listed several measures to regulate intermediary services, including establishing and publicizing a list of the remaining service items after the campaign.

The clear-up will cover paid intermediary services that are required as conditions for applicants to seek approvals from State government departments to secure review reports, evaluation and other procedures, according to the statement.

Intermediary services of administrative approvals will be cleared up in a comprehensive way and monopoly will be eradicated by lowering the threshold for intermediary service organizations to enter the market, the statement said.

Organizations or enterprises that are related to authorities responsible for administrative approvals are forbidden to provide intermediary services concerning the approvals. Additionally, departments should not designate a specific institution to offer any kind of intermediary services for applicants, and should treat all kinds of organizations in the same way.

The government will also deepen the reform concerning charges by intermediary services, so as to greatly reduce the number of items with prices set by the government — and let the market play a bigger role.

A list will be established to manage intermediary service items that remain as requirements for administrative approvals, with a standard charge clearly stated for items with prices set by the government.

The State Council also requested authorities to strengthen regulation over intermediary services by drawing up standards that help to improve such services and guide the organizations to establish mechanisms that ensure more qualified services.

Suggestions concerning the regulation campaign of intermediary services for administrative approval should be submitted by the end of May.