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Guideline targets massive shantytown and rural renovation

Updated: Jun 30,2015 3:05 PM

The State Council issued a guideline on June 30 concerning further efforts to renovate shantytowns and dilapidated houses, with a 2015-2017 plan being put forward.

Major progress has been made in recent years, including the renovation of 20.80 million units in shantytowns and dilapidated rural houses which had been rebuilt for 15.65 million households by 2014 across the country, according to the guideline.

Specifically, from 2013 to 2014, renovation had been completed for 8.2 million units in shantytowns and 5.32 million dilapidated households in rural areas.

Despite the problems and difficulties in renovating shantytowns and upgrading the nearby infrastructure, the central government aimed to rebuild 18 million units in shantytowns as well as rebuilding rural homes for 10.60 million households over the next three years.

Under the plan, steps will be taken to accelerate the construction of shantytown renovation projects and promote monetized resettlement.

All relevant parties are also encouraged to draw up their individual three-year plans and implement projects that involve infrastructure facilities around the shantytowns as well as transportation, communication, electricity, water and other services.

As for dilapidated houses in rural areas, those located in areas of high earthquake intensity will be rebuilt to resist earthquakes.

To ensure these goals, the State Council will innovate the related financing mechanisms by encouraging local governments to purchase certain shantytowns renovation services and promote the public-private-partnership model.

Also, enterprises under various ownership will be encouraged to undertake the renovation projects of shantytowns and dilapidated houses, and banking institutions will play a more supportive role by giving loans.

Local governments are asked to implement the three-year plan and implement relevant projects in an efficient manner.