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China supports traditional opera

Updated: Jul 17,2015 5:22 PM

The State Council issued a range of policies to support the development of traditional Chinese opera, according to a circular released by its general office on July 17.

A survey will be conducted nationwide from July 2015 to June 2017 on the genres of local opera to build a database and an information-sharing platform of all the traditional operas in China.

Among the policies unveiled, the central government will offer financial support to help poorer regions protect their local operas and funds will be allocated to protect and develop Beijing Opera and Kunqu Opera.

China’s National Endowment for the Arts will give more encouragement to developing top-range opera plots, part of an overall support for original playwriting for traditional opera promoted by the State Council.

Local governments will pay theatrical troupes to perform for residents in villages and the State Council also requires them to provide affordable places for opera artists to practice, perform and teach students.

The policies will also see more funding to support local opera groups at or below county level and small opera performing groups will enjoy tax benefits designed for small and micro enterprises.

Companies and individuals will be encouraged to conduct business for traditional opera and students who major in traditional Chinese opera performance in secondary vocational schools will enjoy tuition waivers.

Young teachers in opera schools and young artists in opera groups will be encouraged to have regular exchanges in their field and employees in opera performing groups are entitled to social insurance and other benefits.

Students at primary, middle and high schools and colleges should be able to see at least one traditional opera performance free each year, the State Council suggested.

The State Council also urged all relevant departments and local governments to implement the policies to ensure their effectiveness.