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China pushes development of modern agriculture

Updated: Aug 7,2015 3:41 PM

The State Council issued an opinion on Aug 7, asking its ministries and departments as well as provincial authorities to continue the development of modern agriculture.

The opinion sets a goal of significantly changing the way the country’s agriculture is running by 2030.

It requires the authorities to enhance the country’s ability to grow crops by speeding up the building of highly productive farms equipped with modern facilities and managed with the assistance of modern technology, strengthening the protection of farmland and building more grain production bases.

The opinion also requires the authorities to support the development of professional and modern farming businesses, encourage different agricultural business models, and develop the agricultural produce processing industry, the online market for agricultural produce - and tourism in rural areas.

Additionally, the country should aim for a more efficient use of water in agriculture, reduce fertilizer use and make better use of agricultural waste.

Central and local authorities should also apply modern machinery and information technology to agriculture, nurture more agricultural talent and develop innovations to improve the sector.

The opinion requires the authorities to formulate and promote standards for farmers and farming businesses nationwide and strengthen supervision in order to guarantee the safety of agricultural produce.

And it also encourages international cooperation to introduce China’s agricultural machinery and agricultural produce to international markets.