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State Council urges strict regulation in E-commerce

Updated: Nov 7,2015 4:10 PM

The State Council on Nov 7 urged a crack down on infringement of intellectual property rights and the production of fake and inferior commodities in cyberspace to safeguard the healthy development of E-commerce.

In a released document, the State Council said it will adopt new technical approaches, such as big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet, in the surveillance of online transactions while also reinforcing legislative supports.

The policy aims to effectively stop rights infringement and prevalent fake products sold on the Internet in the next three years to restore order to the E-market.

Specifically, the State Council vowed to beef up law enforcement to eliminate fake products in agricultural materials, food, cosmetics, medical equipment and electronics, areas crucial to people’s livelihoods that feature rampant counterfeiting. Quality control activities will be launched in both manufacturing and circulation.

The government also will expand the scope of supervision over infringements of trademarks, copyrights and patents on online platforms such as smartphone applications, cloud storage spaces and WeChat.

E-commerce platform providers should strengthen surveillance over operators’ behavior and delete or block law-violating information when necessary.

Moreover, various government departments such as legislative, law-enforcement and public security should coordinate with one other, the document said.

The government also will advance building a credit system in E-commerce and enhance its public supervision.