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Ministries set agenda to reform driver training, tests

Updated: Dec 10,2015 2:59 PM

A guideline for the reform of driver training and tests was issued by the State Council on Dec 10, with the goal of establishing by 2018 an equal market system for driver training and a transparent management system for tests.

The guideline, framed by the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Transport, said that tests of the reform will be launched early next year.

Driving trainees will be classified by the type of vehicles they plan to operate and receive different training classes, and they will be charged according to the length of the classes after training.

Trials will be carried out to allow trainees for private compact cars to sign up for driving tests directly without taking any training classes, the guideline said, adding that the driver training market will be further opened.

Organization of driving tests will also be reformed to allow candidates to choose the time and venue of tests, and a unified test reservation platform will be launched so that candidates can sign up for tests online or by phone.