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China changes food business regulation

Updated: Feb 29,2016 4:30 PM

On Feb 29, the State Council issued a circular about changes in the food business regulation, canceling public hygiene permits for food businesses, including restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and teahouses.

The move is aimed at reducing the burden on businesses, strengthening regulation, and ensuring food security.

1. Cancel public hygiene permit for eateries

Hygiene permits for restaurant, coffee shop, bar, and teahouse issued by local health department is to be abolished while some of the abolished items will be included into the food business license issued by food and drug administration.

2. Streamline and improve the management of food business license

According to the circular, after the abolishment of hygienic permit, regulators should strengthen supervision on catering enterprises, streamline the issuing of food business license, and improve efficiency.

3. Strengthen regulation on catering service places

To ensure food security, the State Council asks local food and drug administrations to strengthen supervision on catering service places, by establishing credit system, and improving measures including random inspection system, traceable liability, blacklist, and market exit mechanism.

The food and drug administration is required to inform health department immediately after receiving report of epidemic outbreak or risks, while the health department should actively monitor and analyze the situation of epidemic diseases and carry out prevention and treatment measures.