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Efforts to increase government transparency

Updated: Apr 18,2016 6:43 PM

The State Council on April 18 issued a memo displaying key points from this year’s work on promoting the transparency of government affairs.

The memo was aimed at the following six major aspects:

First, to deepen reform. The memo urged governments at all levels to publish their roles and responsibilities on their official websites. It also called for enhanced market supervision and transparency. Finally, it allows the Internet plus government services to better serve the public.

Second, to develop economic growth. According to the memo, the following will be open to the public: economic policies on promoting mass entrepreneurship, policies on innovation, policies on new growing engines, negative lists on the market access, major government investment projects, and allocation of public resources and operation of State-owned enterprises.

Third, to improve people’s livelihood. According to the memo, the following will be open to the public: issues on poverty alleviation, social assistance, employment and entrepreneurship, shantytown renovation, environmental protection and education and medical care.

Fourth, to promote transparency of government decisions, policy implementation as well as budget and expenditure.

Fifth, to explain new policies to the public. The memo said that after releasing new policies, the government should actively answer people’s concerns by holding press conferences and doing interviews.

Sixth, to increase government abilities by building an open one. All regions and departments should assign an official to local publicity work. Their role will be to publish online the detailed outline of the new plan within 30 days.

According to the memo the publicity work will be regarded as part of local government’s performance assessment by the end of this year.