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State Council promotes foreign trade

Updated: May 9,2016 5:32 PM

The State Council issued a guideline on May 9 to promote stable foreign trade. Following are the opinions listed in the guideline.

Further reduce the credit insurance rate for short-term exports. If risks can be controlled, evaluate and support middle- to long-term insurance items.

Guide financial institutions with policies to give more support to small and micro enterprises. Encourage financial institutions to offer loans to foreign trade enterprises, and expand the scale of export credit insurance financing.

Further improve convenience for trading. Reduce the average inspection rate for exports at customs. Reduce inspection rates for export enterprises with good credit and increase inspection rates for those with poor credit. Central and west regions can also develop special windows for foreign trade by the end of 2016. A standard system should be established. Promote paperless clearance.

Adjust and improve export tax-refund policy. False claims of tax-refund should be severely punished. Improve the sort management of export tax-refund.

Regulate fee collection to support the development of entity economy. Fee collection should be carried out according to specific catalogue and lists should be made.

Support processing trade to move to central and west regions by using fiscal, land and financial policies. Cancel the approval process for processing trade nationwide. Establish and improve a supervision mechanism.

Connect border trade policy with poverty alleviation. Support the development of small border trade enterprises.

Improve the import interest deduction policy. Support the import of advanced equipment and technologies. Encourage enterprises to make more innovation based on learning advanced technologies.

Expand pilot areas for cross-border e-commerce, market purchasing trade and foreign trade service enterprises. Support enterprises to build overseas warehouses and operation centers for export goods.

Support enterprises to build a network system for international marketing. Overseas demonstration center, allocation center, wholesale market and retail stores should be built. Encourage enterprises to establish overseas service support systems, especially in automobile, machine, construction equipment, communication, rail transit, aerospace, shipping and maritime engineering.

Encourage foreign trade enterprises to create their own brand and improve export quality.

Improve the standard for national-level economy and technology development zone. Attract more foreign investment, maintain a stable scale and speed for foreign investment. Improve the quality of foreign investment. Guide foreign investment into fields such as new emerging industries, advanced technologies, energy conservation and environmental protection. Improve the investment environment and import more international talent.

Continue to punish illegal acts of infringement and counterfeiting. Support enterprises to register trademarks and patents, and enhance intellectual property rights dispute settlements overseas.