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State Council approves test reforms on project approval in Beijing

Updated: May 20,2016 4:15 PM

The State Council released a circular on May 20 approving Beijing’s sub center to carry out test reforms on administrative approvals related to construction projects and investment of public service.

The test reforms will last three years.

The document emphasized that Beijing municipal government should strengthen its leadership to clarify the main body responsible for the reform to improve the efficiency of the administrative approval service and related supervision for investment projects, push the construction of Beijing’s sub center and promote its function as a capital city.

According to the document, the pilot program will cover public service construction projects in the sub-city center, such as road building, parking facilities, facilities dealing with garbage and sewage, education and medical services.

The document also mentioned that key construction projects in Beijing under the central state organs should be guaranteed first.

A simplified procedure is a key issue in the reform, according to the circular. It required simplifying administrative approval items concerning the start-up of construction projects, report for using lands, public bidding, and assessment on water resources and flooding prevention.

The document also stressed streamlining approval items and intermediary services, and strengthening supervision during and after the completion of the construction projects. For any projects that have gained assessments and construction approvals from traffic and water management bureaus during planning and land consolidation and reserve phases, they should have simplified assessment processes for water and traffic effects.

Except intermediary service items that are required by law, any other agency services in the investment field should be streamlined after considering the actual conditions in Beijing. Meanwhile, for any remaining agency service items, their service scope, content, procedure and time limit should also be regulated and optimized.

For any administrative approval items that are under district government departments, they should be handled at a nearby local department, the document said.

The document also required exploring innovative administrative approvals, adding that an individual project can be carried out once the project entity has promised to implement and fulfill the projects by obeying the national standards and requirements in a written document.