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Measures to promote better social credit system

Updated: Jun 12,2016 8:40 PM

The State Council released a guideline on June 12 to establish a better social credit system.

The marker is aimed at building a credit-focused market, to further facilitate streamlining administration and delegating power.

According to the guideline, people with good credit record can enjoy certain services that are more time efficient. Public resources and services will also be first offered to market entities or individuals with good credit.

Government at all levels should put all the credit-related information of market entities on the government website, providing more opportunities to enterprises with good credit record.

Meanwhile, punitive measures will also be imposed on those with low credit.

Three categories of behaviors - those that endanger people’s health and safety, severely damage market order and social order, and negligence to one’s obligations - are stressed.

Special supervision should also be carried out on those with low credit record. Related information should be published in a timely manner to prevent potential risks.

All the individuals in the society are encouraged to report dishonest behaviors, and any violation of the rules should be recorded in the person’s personal credit record.

The guideline also urges to establish an online sharing system across the country, promoting a cross region, cross sector and cross departments credit system.