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China to boost big data application in health and medical sectors

Updated: Jun 24,2016 5:22 PM

On June 23, the State Council issued a circular regarding application and development of big data in the health and medical sectors.

The move is set to achieve cross-sector and cross-regional data resource sharing in the country.

National and provincial population health information platforms will be built, and application platforms for national medicine bidding and purchasing will be interconnected by the end of 2017, according to the circular.

In addition, based on current resources, 100 regional clinical medicine data demonstration centers will be built across the country.

According to the circular, efforts will be made to build unified and interconnected platforms regarding population health, promote sharing and opening-up of health and medical data resources, boost big data applications in health and medical industry management, clinical research and development, public health, new industries, and digital health and medical equipment.

Efforts will also be made to regulate and promote Internet Plus healthy medical care. Intelligent medical care that benefits people should be developed. In addition, a remote medical application system should be established, and medical education training should be promoted.

Construction of big data guarantee system for healthy medical care will be strengthened. The construction of laws, regulations and standard system should be strengthened. Citizens’ health information service should be regulated, usage permission be clarified to truly protect the rights of all involved parties. The admittance standard for medical big data application should be regulated, and a credit mechanism and exit mechanism should be established, according to the circular.

A nationwide information system with standardized digital medical identifications will be set up. Electronic signatures will be promoted, where all services can be traced.

In addition, security of medical data will be enhanced, and the construction of talent teams should be strengthened.