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China to promote prefabricated construction

Updated: Sep 30,2016 4:13 PM

The State Council has released a circular promoting the use of prefabricated construction.

The term refers to a mode of construction process, which requires pre-constructing most components of a house and other architecture and assembling at the construction site.

It will lead to major changes in the mode of construction, said the circular.

It is a great measure to promote new-type urbanization, which is conducive to resource conservation and cutting excess capacity.

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Yangtze River Delta region, Pearl River Delta region and other cities populated by more than 3 million permanent residents will be the main areas to promote the new mode of construction, according to the circular.

The circular presents a target of 30 percent of newly added buildings for prefabricated buildings in 10 years.

The State Council urged efforts to develop related standards, promote integrated architectural design, create a strong building components industry, increase the use of green materials, and ensure project quality for prefabricated construction.

Each region should set its targets and tasks in promoting prefabricated construction. The government should increase policy support for the industry, according to the circular.

In addition, the circular calls for increased efforts to cultivate professional personnel for design, construction and management in the sector while introducing overseas talent.