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State Council issues guideline to improve collective forest property system

Updated: Nov 25,2016 3:15 PM

The State Council on Nov 25 released a guideline on improving the collective forest property system.

It is aimed at strengthening and expanding collective forest property reform, bringing into full play the role of collective forestry in safeguarding ecological safety, implementing targeted poverty alleviation and promoting economic and social sustainable development in rural areas.

By 2020, a better development mechanism for collective forestry is expected, with stronger property protection, stable contract rights, and more flexible business rights. And there will be improved systems on the transfer, mortgage and management of forest property, according to the guideline.

It is also aimed at achieving sustainable development of forestry resources, noticeable increases in farmers’ income and national ecological security.

To accomplish these goals, more autonomy in forestry operation was urged, improving the management system of forestry for commercial and public use and encouraging forestry owners to transfer their operation and ownership rights through subcontracting, renting and equity holding.

The document asked related departments to improve the forest property mortgage system, and encouraged financial institutions to boost business in this area to promote finance support.

To improve management, it suggested making full use of modern information technology to establish a national database and information management system that includes information about forestry resources, properties and production and business ownership.