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China releases revised regulation on radio operations

Updated: Nov 25,2016 5:57 PM

The State Council and Central Military Commission (CMC) on Nov 25 released a revised regulation on radio operations signed by President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang.

First set in 1993, the regulation is aimed at maintaining order in radio communication and using radio resources effectively.

People who use radio frequency, start broadcasting stations, produce, import, sell or repair devices that broadcast radio, must obey the regulation.

It says the resources of radio frequency belong to the state and are subject to management by the State Council and CMC.

According to the regulation, no organization or individual is allowed to broadcast without official permission, disturb normal wireless operations, or do anything to violate laws by using radio stations. And the authority may exercise radio control in cases concerning national security, major national events or serious emergencies.

In addition, it encourages research into wireless technology to improve its efficiency.

The revised regulation will take effect on Dec 1, 2016.