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China to streamline domestic green market

Updated: Dec 7,2016 7:13 PM

The State Council has decided to set up a unified system to enhance the quality and supply of green products by 2020, according to a circular released on Dec 7.

The system will set standards for the certification and identification of green products as part of supply-side reforms and efforts to bolster global competitiveness of household products.

Responsible departments should publish unified green criteria and a directory of certified green products that prioritizes food and consumer goods used in daily life.

An accreditation system will also be set up with the power to blacklist entities that violate laws and regulations.

The document stated that an information platform would be built for official releases, including policies, standards, procedures and product catalogues.

Meanwhile, efforts will also be made to push ahead on international cooperation on developing standards, certification and testing, and promoting mutual accreditation.

Regulation and supervision should be strengthened in order to create a level-playing field and help reduce corporate costs.

The circular also encouraged product promotion through news media and internet platforms which will help inform and guide the public about related policies, good examples, and a green lifestyle.