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Revised regulations to promote education for disabled

Updated: Feb 23,2017 5:06 PM

The State Council recently approved a revised version of regulations regarding education of people with disabilities.

The newly amended regulations were passed at the 161st State Council executive meeting on Jan 11 and will be effective starting on May 1.

The regulations are made on the basis of China’s laws for education and protection of the rights and interests of disabled people.

According to the regulations, education of the disabled is part of the nation’s education development, and people with disabilities are entitled to an education.

Education will be provided for disabled people based on their physical and mental conditions to distinctly improve their qualities and create equal social and life opportunities.

Compulsory education, vocational education, preschool education, and higher education will be improved for the disabled.

General education will be the main method, while special education will be complementary.

Local governments above county level will strengthen efforts in education investment and environment for the disabled.

All education institutions should implement the national policy of education for the disabled and are banned from denying the enrollment of any disabled people eligible for education.

The regulations also call for private sectors to support education for the disabled, and organizations or individuals who make contributions to disabled education will be recognized.