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Govt approves Weihai’s city plan

Updated: May 4,2017 5:32 PM

The State Council has approved the overall urban planning (2011-2020) for Weihai, a central city in Shandong Peninsula. It is a major marine industry base and seaside tourism destination.

The circular stressed the urban-rural integration of Weihai, designating an area of 777 square kilometers for unified urban and rural management. Infrastructure and public services should be shared between city and countryside, the circular said.

By 2020, downtown population will be limited to 1.3 million, and an area of 128 square kilometers will be used for urban construction. In addition, no new district should be established outside the area.

Land use should be economical. The circular called for strict control of newly added construction land, reasonable use of underground space, and protection of arable land resources, especially basic farmland.

The circular urged efforts to improve basic urban infrastructure facilities, including building a traffic system based on public transportation, promoting parking lot construction, integrating underground pipelines, and setting up a comprehensive disaster prevention system.

Saving resources and protecting the environment were stressed in the city planning. According to the circular, efforts should be made to save energy and weed out excess capacity, control pollution discharges, and promote construction of green buildings. Also, water resources should be protected and used with high efficiency.

The circular called for integrated development of public services concerning education, medical care and municipal service. The planning will pay more attention to building government-subsidized housing, shantytown renovation and related infrastructure construction.

In addition, the circular stressed conservation of historical and cultural heritages, such as the memorial site of the First Sino-Japanese War in Liugong Island, as well as traditional city landscapes.