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China to enhance CPC leadership in cultural organizations

Updated: May 12,2017 7:05 AM     Xinhua

BEIJING — Central authorities have called for enhancement of cultural organizations by the Communist Party of China (CPC) leadership, according to a guideline released on May 11.

The guideline, issued by the general offices of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, pointed out that overall development of cultural organizations lacks vitality, with some organizations weak in CPC leadership or internal management, and some unclear about their responsibilities.

CPC leadership in cultural organizations should be strengthened and improved, and innovations should be made in management and operation systems to raise efficiency, the guideline stated.

The management system should be under the leadership of the CPC and supervised by the government. Different levels of the system should take different responsibilities and coordinate with each other, the guideline stated.

The system should have a clear structure, efficient services and proper management in order to better serve cultural institutions and workers.

“CPC leadership should be enhanced in political, ideological and organization aspects,” the guideline reads.

As a bridge that connects the Party and the government with the market and society, cultural organizations are responsible for delivering messages from the Party and the government and implementing their decisions.

According to the guideline, cultural organizations are welcome to participate in making regulations, industrial standards and criteria, in talent evaluation, and in providing consulting services.

Cultural organizations should promote entrepreneurship among the people and the transformation of the cultural industry. They should hold more activities such as training, seminars and expositions.

The guideline also said that self-discipline and credibility should be promoted among cultural organizations. Institutions of press, publication and media can set up morality committees, while internet cultural organizations are encouraged to do their part in cyberspace control and management.

The CPC leadership should cover and be fully displayed in all cultural organizations.

Improvement should be made in fiscal, auditing and asset management systems as well as websites sponsored by cultural organizations and other online media channels, according to the guideline.

Cultural organizations are banned from cooperation with overseas organizations or individuals that endanger national security and interests. Activities held by overseas organizations in China must be managed according to law.

Leaders and cadres of the Party are not allowed to hold posts in cultural organizations before retirement or establish cultural organizations without approval, the guideline stated.