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China to promote innovation development among counties

Updated: May 24,2017 2:37 PM

China will promote innovation-driven development and startups in county-level regions, according to a document issued by the State Council on May 24.

In the document, the State Council urged counties to upgrade traditional manufacturing industries and develop cutting-edge technologies like internet information and smart manufacturing.

Agricultural zones are asked to develop high-tech agriculture techniques while integrating traditional agriculture with tourism, education, healthcare and logistics.

Supporting county-based high-tech companies, promoting cooperation between companies and academic institutions and asking financial institutions for support should also be a priority.

Favorable supports should be shown for entrepreneurs and professionals in counties. Those who are tech savvy, professionals and college graduates are encouraged to start businesses or hunt for jobs in those counties.

Eligible counties should see support to set up high-tech industrial parks and agriculture scientific parks, in order to lead local innovation. They were also urged to build convenient and low-cost maker spaces.

Scientific innovation should also be used to aid targeted poverty alleviation, the document said. The State Council encourages poverty-stricken counties to develop characteristic industries by strengthening the application and promotion of advanced and mature technologies.

Local authorities are asked to firmly implement supportive policies, such as tax preference for high-tech companies and enterprises’ R&D investment.

The State Council also urged the promotion of education in science and technology training, to popularize and publicize scientific thoughts and methods.

While promoting progress of local innovation, the document also stressed public service development in counties, such as air-pollution prevention, soil remediation, water protection and efficient resource use.