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State Council highlights tasks against IPR infringement and counterfeits

Updated: May 31,2017 8:29 PM

The State Council issued a circular on May 31 to list 2017’s major tasks in cracking down on intellectual property infringement and counterfeit and shoddy goods manufacturing.

The document aims to protect intellectual property rights and consumer rights and create a clean business environment.

According to the circular, special actions will be carried out this year to strengthen online trade management and crack down on e-commerce counterfeits.

Strong measures also will be taken against online piracy in online literature, movie and television products, cartoons and textbooks.

In addition, record management of online retail concerning website records, IP addresses, and domain names will be enhanced.

Measures will be strengthened against illegal activities in rural markets, such as manufacturing and selling counterfeit and shoddy agricultural products.

The circular also called for actions against cross-border counterfeit and shoddy goods manufacturing and selling, especially aimed at countries and regions participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Regular inspection will be strengthened on products concerning people’s life and health, property security and environmental protection.

Regulation of goods posting and delivery will be strengthened and related market regulation will be enhanced.

It is urged that efforts be made to prevent pollution due to destruction of counterfeit and shoddy goods.

Actions will be taken against intellectual property infringement in food, medicine, medical equipment, environment protection and high-technology sectors, and to enhance trademark protection.

The document urged efforts be made to promote using legitimate versions of software in government departments.

It also called for crackdown measures on suspicious agricultural products, such as counterfeit seeds.

To protect intellectual property rights and crack down on counterfeit and shoddy goods, legislative efforts will be made to make and amend anti-unfair competition, copyright, patent, and consumer right laws. Also, the national credit information sharing platform will be improved.