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China to improve science and technology award system

Updated: Jun 9,2017 3:05 PM

The State Council has issued a circular on improving the current science and technology awards system.

The circular stressed reform of the national awards system. Candidates will be nominated by scholars, institutions and related departments in the new system.

There are three major national sci-tech awards in China, presented to researchers in scientific research, technological innovation and who have generated economic and social returns with their findings.

According to the circular, nominators will be asked to declare the award level when they apply for the first- and second-class awards, and the winning projects will be voted on by an independent review panel.

The number of winning projects of the three major awards will be reduced to no more than 300.

Intermediate results won’t receive an award, and a winner should not apply for other awards with the same project.

Award policies, review system and candidate information should be disclosed. The supervisory body is urged to take an active role, and bootleg or fake application materials and repeated declaration of awards will receive severe punishment.

The circular also stated that no profitable activity should be carried out in the name of the national awards. Prize winners with financial challenges can receive aid through special funds.

Provincial-level governments are allowed to set up a provincial-level science and technology award, and State Council departments can set up a ministerial-level award. Other than that, no other government-financed award should be generated.

The circular also encouraged privately established nonprofit awards.